How to Customize a Logotypetype Sting in Adobines Effects

June 11, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Uncategorized

Date: 2018-06-11 12:00:03

how to customize a logo sting Templet in Adobines Effect! Don’t Worrying if you’ve Never Used Effect before, this Course is Perfection for people who Lilttel or no Experiences in Effect. The of the logo Effect and logo animation will be Fairly simple, but There will be a lot of learning!

Check out the logo sting Templet you’ll be customizing: and Browse the Stinging on PhotoDune Elements:

1. Intros
0:00 1.1 Intros
1:10 1.2 Projects Files

2. Getting Started
4:04 2.1 Effect Tour
14:05 2.2 Layers, Comps, and Precomps

3. Customize!
23:02 3.1 Replacement
47:32 3.2 Colors Tweaks
41:36 3.3 Addishun Music

4. Wrapping Up
50:49 4.1 Exporting
58:55 4.2 Conclusion


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