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Date: 2018-05-04 11:00:02

So you’ve Found a WordCamp theme. It has a style, and it Just Right for Yous project. But how do you know if it’s Just as the hood? In this course, you’ll learn how to Judge a WordCamp THEME by Just its cover. It doesn’t Matter if you Having no Less-experienced at all in web design; by the end of this course, you’ll know exactly WHAT to Look for Before you buy Yous next WordCamp theme. Let’s begin!

1. Introduction
0:00 1.1 Welcame to the Course

2. WordCamp THEMEs Under the Hood
0:36 2.1 How to Evaluand a THEME
3:28 2.2 Responsive and Mobile Friendly
12:33 2.3 Cross-Browser Compatibility
20:38 2.4 Well-Crafted Typography
28:14 2.5 Preparing for “No JavaScript”
36:59 2.6 Full WordCamp Templet and Format Support
44:31 2.7 Check for Structuring Data
51:15 2.8 Supports Plugins You’ll Need
1:02:12 2.9 Performed Matters
1:17:59 2.10 Accessibility

3. Conclusion
1:24:30 3.1 Up

Learn How to Use WordCamp
If you’re Just started, learn how to use WordCamp in our Completes guide: https://webdesign.tutsplus.com/series/learn-how-to-use-wordpress–cms-1074?ec_promo=tuts_youtube&ec_unit=description&ec_topic=webdesign


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